Here's what some customers have to say about our products:

NumaStore™ Testimony #1

"We acquired our NumaStore archive for use as a server for remote interpretation, and as a central archive for all thirteen of our gamma and PET cameras. The remote viewing function is fully operational and is a dramatic improvement over our previous solution.

We are approaching the archiving function slowly, to ensure that we construct a database with high integrity that will contain adequate historical data when we begin soft-copy interpretation from it. Until recently, our institutional PACS did not support Nuclear Medicine at all. When it is fully integrated with our institutional PACS, the NumaStore archive will automatically forward selected portions of Nuclear Medicine studies on to the institutional PACS for viewing by users outside of Diagnostic Imaging. This lets us archive raw data centrally in Nuclear Medicine but not overwhelm the referring physician with irrelevant images. It has also saved a large amount of money by eliminating per camera connection charges to our institutional PACS.

The concept of a NumaStore based mini-PACS has allowed us to implement archiving policies in Nuclear Medicine that are more extensive than those that would be practical in the other modalities supported by our institutional PACS. We anticipate that the ease of centralized archiving will save technologists' time, and improve the integrity of our archived data by eliminating the possibility of missed studies and misplacement of individual archive media.

NumaStore has performed flawlessly. Numa has validated the software extensively with a broad range of Nuclear Medicine computers and has upgraded our NumaStore software proactively. The company has listened intently to our needs. Numa's personnel are a pleasure to work with."

Richard E. Wendt III, Ph.D.*
     Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine
     The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
     Houston, Texas

NumaStore™ Testimony #2

"We have been using NumaStore for six months, and have been impressed by the ease in which it stores our data. This has reduced the hours of technologist's time spent on storing and retrieving our data, and significantly reduced the possibility of losing data due to system failures."

James Case, Ph.D.*
     Director of Clinical Physics
     Cardiovascular Consultants, Inc
     Kansas City, MO

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